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Principal's Corner

January Letter

Dear Mayer Elementary Families,

I would like to invite you to attend our next APTT, Academic Parent Teacher Team, meeting on January 21st. The first session is at a new time, 5:00-6:00. Dinner will be served 6:00-6:30. The second session will be from 6:30-7:30. Just as we did in the fall, we will look at your child’s scores in either reading or math and see what progress they are making. At this meeting we will be working on some new activities in either math or reading to keep that academic growth moving in an upward direction. As we partner together, your child will have the best quality of education.

January is a time for new resolutions. At Mayer Elementary, we will be working together to make sure that every child is reading at or above grade level and has their basic math facts memorized. This will give your child the foundational abilities to move on to more advanced skills. Just as it is difficult to build a house without a solid foundation, it is also difficult for a child to advance and excel in class without a basic understanding of reading and math. How can they learn to calculate the area and perimeter of a room if they are still trying to count on their fingers. How can your child analyze character traits if they are still sounding out each word on the page. Thank you for helping us by practicing the skills at home and being part of your child’s educational team.

It is hard to believe that we are half way through the school year already. The students have made great gains and I look forward to seeing how far they go this semester.


Patti Leonard